RCSP, with the support of Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), through the Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA III) project and in line with its core mandate aiming at supporting CSOs and citizens to participate in policy formulation and implementation processes, established CSOs Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) .
With the intention to create a space for information sharing and consultation among CSOs and other relevant stakeholders aiming at building synergies for advocacy purposes in Rwanda so as to improve their efficiency towards contributing to national development.
The Thematic Working Groups will involve identifying issues on policies and laws relating to the TWG’s areas of intervention and then, gather relevant data and conduct researches/assessments the committees are composed of individual experts representing local civil society organizations from different domains of intervention.
Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) . are composed of three different groups
  Economic transformation TWG
  Social transformation TWG
  Transformational Governance TWG


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