Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) and the Network of International NGOs (NINGO) organized Civil Society Joint #Kwibuka 27 which was held at Kigali Memorial Site/Gisozi on 18th June 2021. With the growing trend in cases of denial of the genocide against the Tutsi, as a Civil Society Organizations networks both RCSP and NINGOs in Rwanda jointly reflected on the role that CSOs can play in the fight against denial practices to build a better society that is free from genocide ideology.

The main objective of this joint initiative was to remember and support vulnerable survivor families most affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic during the period of genocide commemoration in Rwanda. The theme for joint CSO #KWIBUKA27 was “Reflections on the role of Civil Society in the fight against genocide ideology and denial”. #Kwibuka event involved a series of activities including a visit and laying of wreath and listening to testimonies of resilience and recovery from a survivor


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