The mission of RCSPF is to represent its members in the processes of facilitating citizen’s participation in sustainable development efforts through constructive dialogue, debate and advocacy at the national and the international levels.

The vision of the RCSP is a society where all people can peacefully enjoy and claim their human development rights.

RCSP Role is to "contribute to the well-being of the population by:

 Acting as framework for dialogue, reflection, exchange of information and mutual respect
 Lobbying and Advocating on national, regional and international issues on behalf of all members of the Rwanda Civil Society and citizens
 Be a strong interlocutor of the civil society".

The Strategic Areas of intervention are the key domains in which the Platform is particularly active:
 National and regional issues (such as human rights, conflict management, good governance...)
 Cross-cutting issues (such as gender, HIV AIDS, Social protection, Social integration, environment...)

Strategic Action : Capacity gaps at the individual level, the organizational and the institutional levels continue to hamper the growth and the role of CSOs in sustainable development processes.

Over the last decade, Rwandan NGOs and the CSOs in general have lost a certain number of qualified, skilled and experienced human resources.

Most of those who leave usually end up in government higher positions or in the private sector. Although CSOs allocate resources and time to continuously create inner capacity, they have been unsuccessful in retaining that capacity.

Numerous reasons are behind this lack of success: the low wages, the nature of the work that implies voluntarism and dedication to the marginalized, the lack of career perspectives.

In most cases capacity has been understood in terms of training (skills development), with less emphasis on organizational (systems, procedures, planning, etc) and institutional (partnership, regulation) capacity.
RCSPF want to reverse this situation and launch a comprehensive capacity building program that not only is articulated around the three levels but also that looks at the issues of utilization and retention as well.

The capacity development activities will mainly target the RCSPF staff at the headquarters and the staff in the decentralized entities first and progressively addresses organizational and institutional aspects as well. Resources and time permitting, the capacity development may also include RCSPF member organizations.


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